Hubbard Business – Crowdfunding

about Bill Hubbard

One of the first things you notice about Bill Hubbard when talking about equity crowdfunding is his passion about the concept, passion even before it was a glimmer in the eye of a politician.  

Throughout his 35 years of practicing business law, Bill saw talented entrepreneurs struggle with the limited traditional financing options.  He saw “would-be” investors blocked out of the traditional investment routes due to the high monetary and other barriers to entry.

He knew there could be, with a change in the rules, another, better way to have entrepreneurs and investors work together.  You  now have this long-awaited day to tap into his knowledge, experience, and insights.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur or advisor (CPA, attorney, broker, RIA, or consultant) this new world of equity and investment crowdfunding is fraught with it’s own barriers to entry.

Bill wants to shorten your learning curve, by offering you valuable, applicable information that will serve you right now and build the foundation for your success for your future.